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Perfect for residential, commercial and industrial underground slab leaks.

GLDS LD-15 is the preferred tool by experienced underground leak locating professionals!

The Leak Detector LD-15 is an acoustic leak detector that finds leaks in easy steps: by electronically amplifying leak sounds, automatically filtering out noise and isolating the leak sound leading the operator to the source of the leak.

The Leak Detector LD-15 is the most easy to use, compact, dependable, affordable tool available for listening to leaks. Included a ready for pressurization gauge, A ground sensor with low noise microphone & strong shielded cable makes the job easy even in a hard to reach situation. Padded stereo headphones to reproduce leak sounds and effectively shut out external noise. The Leak Detector LD-15 has it all. There is no need to purchase any extras accessories to get the job done. The Leak Detector LD-15 is the best solution for the leak detection business.



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Simple + Sensitive + Practical + Reliable

- Display LCD that indicate the amplitude of the sound captured by the sensor and allows the operator a view of the sound caused by the spill. Facilitating the use of equipment by operators with little experience and providing greater operator comfort.

- Automatic Digital Control of frequency & Volume real time adjustment that insures the best frequency&volume to be selected.

- Auto filter that reduces response to any outside noise.

- Automatic Controls that adjust the amplifier gain and filter frequency.

- Amplifier high-quality audio for a superior acoustic quality.

- Sensor ground of high sensitivity transducer with low noise

- Sensor ground robust and sensitive that adapts to any type of floor, which allows connection to stem listening.

- 3 Sound Rods stainless steel 390 mm each.

- Automatic filter that reduces the response to any external noise.

- Has working frequencies from 20 to 6000 Hz.

- Mute button to protect the operator.

- Bright blue backlight LCD display for night operation.

- Powered by internal rechargeable battery to last longer than 25 hours of continuous use.

- Battery level indicator and auto warning low battery indicator.

- Box of high impact plastic to 600g shock resistance.

- Shielded replaceable cable 140 cm which makes the connection between the sensor and amplifier.

- Battery Charger bi-volt 90V-240V 50-60Hz.

- Headphones High-fidelity stereo.

- Canvas carrying case with a strong background of rubber, water-resistant, protects the GLDS LD-15 damage and allows the user if wanted to also carry other instruments and tools.

- Ready for pressurization gauge.


- Usage frequency of 20Hz - 6000Hz Auto Adjustable frequency range of 20Hz to 1200Hz Gain: 95 dB

- Operating Temperature: -10 º C to +55 º C (14 º F to 131 º F).

- Dimensions:

- Sensor ground: Ø 63 mm x 80 mm

- Main unit: 210 x 105 x 40 mm

- Cable that connects the main unit to the sensor 1500 mm

- Suitcase 400 x 200 x 300 mm

- 3 Sound Rods stainless steel 390 mm each

- Weights:

- Gound Sensor: 0.2 kg - Main unit: 0.4 kg - Shipping Weight: 5 kg.

Warranty: Five year limited warranty

* Warranty does not cover failure resulting from misuse, accident, modification, unsuitable physical or operating environment, field maintenance, phones, battery and battery charger, freight.


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